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INS is our Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation. We use it in a variety of ways like helping elite athletes improve their performance, accelerating recovery time for a range of injuries and conditions, and even as everyday stress relief.


Whether you want to increase the speed of your golf swing or maximize your athletic performance on the field, or you just want to feel and move better, we can help.



Sometimes you just need a reset. Our Recharge uses pain-free INS waves to relax and calm both body and mind. Then relax deeper under our therapeutic Neu-Vibes bio-energy blanket for additional inflammation reduction and stress relief. In just 20 minutes, you can release tension and restore balance to your system; resulting in a happier, more relaxed you.




Don’t let an injury take you out of the game. Our Rehab & Recovery program will have you doing what you love again up to 70% faster than traditional rehab. Our team of rehab and fitness specialists will create a fully customized plan to get you back in the game. Our Charged specialists create personalized plans to maximize your training, heal or relieve injuries, and improve symptoms from even complex medical conditions like MS and COPD. Call to ask about our team recovery and performance programs.


Super Charge

Take your performance to the next level by working smarter, not harder. INS uses painless electrical impulses that target the nervous system to enhance the mind-body connection. Your muscles will work harder while moving less weight, increasing your strength while lowering your risk of injury.



V Scan HRV

Vitality Scan and Optimization

Our Vitality Scan and Optimization is designed to uncover the hidden components contributing to your overall health. Through our quick assessment, we analyze factors such as Cardiovascular Adaptation (HRV), Nervous System Regulation, Neuro-Hormonal Regulation, Psycho-Emotional Balance, Chakra, Micronutrients, and Biological age, empowering you to feel rejuvenated and reignite your inner spark!


1-on-1 Personal Training

Our personal trainers aren’t the type to hand you a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all workout plan, take you through it once, and then leave you to figure out the rest for the other 364 days a year. Get a sport-specific or custom-designed nutrition and training plan tailored around your unique goals and needs including special considerations for injury or medical conditions. Call to ask about our small group training options.

Small Group Training & Classes

Personalized training for groups of 2-6. Perfect for teams looking for sport-specific conditioning and training, weightlifters, or getting some quality training time in with your partner. 

  • Weightlifting Club - all levels welcome. Focuses on lifts like snatch and clean & jerk

  • Powerlifting Club - for competition or just improving your squat, bench, and deadlifts

  • Strength & Mobility Club - increase strength and flexibility 


Online Coaching

You’re busy. And sometimes life gets in the way of coming to the gym. We understand, which is why we offer online coaching. One of our dedicated personal trainers will set up a completely customized fitness and nutrition program for you to see the results you want.


Charged app is where the spark happens. Clients can track their food and macros, message their trainer, log workouts, find meal plans, and more. For even easier use, it syncs with the most popular fitness trackers and apps you’re already using like Apple Health and MyFitnessPal.

24/7 Access

Convenient access when it works for you.

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