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Much like Amazon, Apple, and Disney, the idea for Charged was born in a basement. Owner and founder Brandon Puterbaugh started his journey as a certified personal trainer while he was a US Marine deployed in Afghanistan. When he returned home, he began a career as an exercise physiologist in a local hospital working with stroke, spinal cord injury, TBI, cardiac, pulmonary, burn, and orthopedic patients. Through this work, he realized he had to do more to help people move and feel better. The spark had been lit.


Charged is designed to be different. We’re a full-service fitness and training center, with the goal of helping people get more out of life. We’re about getting to the root cause, creating a custom plan, and guiding you along the way. All in a friendly, welcoming environment.


We use proprietary technology and techniques to improve the mind-body connection and improve athletic performance, relieve pain, rehab injuries, or simply calm the mind and body. Whatever your body needs, you’ll find it at Charged.


Charged is proud to be veteran-owned and operated.


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