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Your amazing brain is the powerhouse that oversees all functions within your body. By prioritizing the well-being of your nervous system, we aim to guide you from a state of fight or flight to a peaceful and restorative state, enabling you to relax, heal, and perform at optimal levels!

If you are interested in the science behind what we do at Charged you are at the right spot. Below will answer all common questions about interactive neuromuscular stimulation (INS) & neuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES & NES). INS is an upgraded version of NMES but these terms are used interchangeably. The 3 main effective devices are the ARP wave, Neubie by Neufit, and the NxPro by NeuX.




Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS)

At Charged, we utilize the NxPRO and its INS technology to take advantage of the brain's influence on all body movements through the nervous system. Our rehab programs are uniquely crafted to help you recover quickly and effectively from any recent injury or long-term issue.


Our cutting-edge solution empowers your mind and body to do what they were always meant to do - from easing discomfort and stress to enhancing performance and healing.

Empower your mind and body


Our cutting-edge solution empowers your mind and body to do what they were always meant to do - from easing discomfort and stress to enhancing performance and healing.


Benefits of INS include

• Improved circulation of blood and lymph

• Decreased muscle tension and spasms

• Increased energy levels

• Reduced swelling and inflammation

• Increased muscle strength and endurance

• Improved joint mobility and flexibility

• Enhanced relaxation


INS is a safe and effective way to restore balance and health to your body. Our expert trainers will provide a personalized program tailored to your individual needs.

We guarantee the best results of your life!

INS & Charged Method can treat many isssues


Our experts have been able to use Charged Method and INS to help clients recovering from

Ankle sprain   |   Arthritis   |   Back pain   |   Carpal tunnel   |   Chronic pain   |   COPD   |   Degenerative Discs   |   Epicondylitis   |   Hamstring strain   |   Jumper’s knee   |   Knee ligament injury   |   Neck pain   |   Other strained or slightly torn muscles   |   Parasites   |   Phantom limb pain   |   Plantar fasciitis   |   Pulled groin   |   Recovery from orthopedic surgery   |   Rotator cuff injury   |   Shin splints   |   Shoulder impingement   |   Stomach Flu   |   Strained quad or hip flexor   |   Tennis elbow   |   Trigger finger   |   Tremors   |   UCL strain   |   Swelling and lymphedema   |   Sciatica

Neuromuscular re-education The Actin FITT Method has been used effectively by experts to aid people in recovering & re-educating neuromuscular capabilities that have been lost due to


Stroke  |   Spinal Cord Injury  |   Traumatic Brain Injury  |   Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.)  |   ...and other neurological injuries or diseases

What are the differences between INS and a Tens Unit?

The NeuX INS is not to be confused with a TENS unit. What makes it stand out is the combination of alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC), which increases its potential for neurophysiological re-education and improved function. In comparison, when a TENS unit is increased, it typically triggers protective co-contractions in the patient, causing ineffective movements and making the treatment less effective. However, NeuX INS' unique waveforms allow for minimal protective contractions while simultaneously providing higher levels of sensory input.

Evidence suggests that DC has the potential to stimulate tissue healing and fixing. Direct current typically creates an electric field that remains in a single direction for an extended period, different from what traditional machinery contains in AC signals, which shift numerous times in just a few seconds. Using both currents together creates a smoother signal, creating an electric field that is thought to align and possible regeneration and recovery of a variety of tissues, such as bone, muscle, and connective tissue.

The NxPro’s waveforms have been designed to decrease resistance and discomfort to the skin that is associated with traditional direct current devices, in addition to using alternating and direct current. To obtain additional information on the concepts behind our waveforms or to read the supporting scientific studies, please refer to our blog.

After helping people heal from their injuries, we use the Charged Method and INS to help customers return to fitness or sports. This supports a continuous and efficient program that often allows them to accomplish goals quicker and safer than normal training.


Is INS safe for me?

The NxPro is FDA approved and considered safe when used in accordance with guidelines. However, it should not be used by those with a pacemaker, those currently undergoing treatment for cancer, or those who are pregnant. Extra caution should also be taken in certain other situations. If you have any doubts or questions, be sure to discuss them with your doctor.

Can this help with recovery from stroke/ spinal cord injury/ traumatic brain injury?

Considering the circumstances, INS has been viable in enhancing neuromuscular re-education and reversing some of life's challenges. In more positive outcomes, small increases in balance, motion or abilities to do everyday tasks have been reported. Similarly, its utilization has resulted in remarkable changes such as helping people who previously used wheelchairs to walk again. Notwithstanding its proven advantageousness, INS efficacy and possibility of success vary greatly depending on the individual's circumstances. If you or someone you know is dealing with one of these challenges, we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your situation.


Can this help with MS?

Though the INS is not designed specifically to address Multiple Sclerosis, INS has nonetheless managed to be beneficial to many people with M.S., providing them with increased comfort by decreasing spasticity, improving mobility, boosting circulation, and reversing muscle degeneration. Through exclusive protocols, this has enabled those with M.S. to redevelop their functioning, boost movement, and reclaim activities that may have become difficult or even impossible for them to do.


Can INS help with my injury?

In regards to the NeuX System and INS, it can be said that they are often successful in helping people with the various needs of sports injuries, traumas, and surgeries. With the ability to re-educate muscles, improve blood flow, increase range of motion, prevent atrophy, decrease spasms, and relieve or manage pain, NeuX has been very successful. However, there are times in which more extreme interventions may be needed, such as surgery. In such cases, NeuX and  INS are non-invasive as well as safe, making them a conservative option before considering more serious interventions.


Is this covered by insurance or Medicare?

Clients can pay for our services by using their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) if they possess one, as our services usually meet the necessary qualifications.

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